What can a lemon do for you?

First I wanna shoot you some known facts about lemons. Lemons contain Vitamin c, citric acid, calcium, magnesium and much more.  Lemons are good for antibacterial and antiviral purposes and has immune-boosting properties. Whats that you say…? How does this help you..? Lemons can be used to treat acne. This is my tried and true remedy to this annoying problem that a lot of us have suffered from.

 The Remedy

Ok plain and simple if u have a couple breakouts and you are so over the OTC products or you are trying to stay chemical free. Try cutting a lemon slice and rubbing it over your breakouts and leave it on  for about 15 mins. You will see  a reduction in the breakouts after a couple days. Give it a try and let us know what u think.

Pros: It’s natural, it’s cheap, it works

Cons: It burns and itches a little

Truth: It’s not a miracle worker but it does help


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  1. Iris
    Sep 12, 2012 @ 18:11:04

    This is a beautiful blog and I appreciate the tips, written in such a friendly and accessible way!


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