I’ll Drink to That!

We all know water is important for your overall health. When you ask celebrity women “How do you get that glowing skin every girl wants to know?” They say something that includes an over the counter facial wash, moisturizer and almost everyone emphasizes that water is very important. The world as well as the animals and people on it are made up of mostly water so it’s imporatant to keep you water intake balanced. Now not everyone enjoys drinking water but it is important that water is a part of your daily routine. Find a brand of water that tastes good to you. Not all water taste good. Some brands of bottled water taste like spit and nobody wants that well unless that’s  your thing. There are different kinds of drinking water. There’s distilled, sparkling, spring, purified, alkaline, mineral water and many more I’m sure. Just find the kind for you. Water cleanses your body and keeps our bodies healthy and feeling refreshed. We have been told all of our lives to drink water. So let’s just do it, we will flourish when we do.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. handhugbeauty
    Oct 13, 2012 @ 04:51:16

    I can’t agree more. It works wonders for the skin. I’ve been planning on soaking fruits like raspberries in water for a while to try something new.


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