Do you dare to try Snail Mucin on your skin?

I thought this was interesting and great enough to reblog. I don’t know if I would put snail anything on my skin BUT if it can repair the damage that has occured over the years I guess it is worth a try. Besides I know more harmful things have appeared in my skin care products.



I’m not sure if you have heard of this, but Snail Mucin is a very precious ingredient that can help to repair the skin. I know it does sounds a bit gross. But hey, if you don’t mind drinking bird nest (which is the saliva of a swallow), then why would you mind trying out Snail Mucin in your beauty routine?

This mask is enriched with Snail Mucin that can help to deeply hydrate the skin and heals epidermis tissues for a renewed and younger looking complexion. It also contains copper peptide that can help in anti-aging, firming and anti-wrinkle!

Infused with collagen fibre and Proteoglycans, these ingredients “fill-in” skin tissues and form a protective layer to lock in moisture.

In a nut shell, this mask promises to
– deeply hydrate
– heal and Repair
– Anti-aging and firming

Love More masks always comes in cute envelopes. ^^


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