Be a Big Girl! Do It Yourself….

So we are all about saving our dollars in one area so we can splurge somewhere else.  I found a great blog that gave the ingredients to make your own lip balm. I honestly did not think of this. I think of making everything else like candles, conditioners, jewelry but not lip balm. Save yourself $2.99 or more if you buy in bulk and do it yourself. I love this idea I got on this website  It’s genius and fabulous. So here is what you will need

Java Lip Balm



In a double boiler, melt the Beeswax completely, followed by the Coffee Butter. Once these ingredients have melted completely, add the Hazelnut Oil and Roasted Coffee Oil, and remove the mixture from heat. Add the Liquid Lecithin, and stir well to combine. Carefully pour the mixture into Lip Balm Tubes (or tins), reserving a small amount of the mixture to top off the tubes after they have cooled slightly. As the Lip Balms cool, the tops will sink slightly, leaving an indentation. Reheat the remaining Lip Balm mixture and carefully refill the tubes, giving them a smooth, even appearance. Allow the Lip Balms to cool completely before capping or moving them.

Tell me how it worked out I just know it smells divine and visit for other fab do it yourself ideas


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