I’ve Discovered Darcy’s!

Happy Tuesday! So you know how I like to mix my own skin and hair care products but I have also admitted to not being completely chemical free or product free. I do try my hardest when I can to try brands that are mostly natural but sometimes it’s impossible and other times you just go to the beauty suppy and go for what you know. I discovered a brand called Darcy’s Botanicals (And I mean JUST discovered it) that is very natural and I am interested in trying it. I found this brand on Curlbox and I found out about Curlbox from a fellow WordPress blogger. I love this community, it’s so informative and open to sharing. So I found out about Darcy’s Botanicals and I poked around the site a bit to find that this line has products for skin and hair that is eco friendly and organic.  The ingredients are things like Organic Palm Fruit Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Cherry Kernel Oil, Olive Butter, Cocoa Butter, Candelilla Wax, Agave Nectar, Vitamin E and a different natural ingredients for different things. I’m sitting here reading the product list and I can almost smell them. I can not wait to try the Juicy Peach Kernel Nectar. I love the way peaches smell so I’m looking forward to putting it all over my skin and hair.  I am sharing all of this with you guys because I’m exited about what I have just found and when I have tried for a while I will tell you what I think. In the mean time if you know nothing about this product line let’s experience it together.



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