Flaxseed Gel Review (Take 1)

So I promised I would tell you what I thought of the flaxseed gel once I used it so here we go. Yesterday I used it to slick back my pont tail and it did a lil somethin’ somethin’ but not enough plus I had a few other things in my hair so I said I would not post about it until I used it on fresh hair. So last night I washed and conditioned my hair. Then while it was still damp I applied shea butter, jojoba oil. I sectioned my hair into six parts and detangled my hair with a wide tooth comb. Then I applied the flaxseed gel. The flaxseed gel’s consistency is slimy. There’s no other way to describe the texture but it does not sit on the hair like slime.  It does feel like gel once you work it into your hair. I ended up with that wet gel look opposed to the wet puppy drying out look. (I hope I’m not being confusing. I should have done a video instead.)  Then I braided down each section and covered it with a silk bonnet.

So its morning and I was anxious to see the results and my hair feels soft and the gel did have a hold but it’s not that Eco Styler strong hold.  My braid out looks ok in the front but it looks poofy in the back. There are places in my hair where the hold feels stronger like in the very front there I can feel the gel but it’s still not crunchy.  Now to be honest it didn’t anything miraculous but I’m not giving up on it.  My hair hasn’t been responding to anything lately.  I think my hair is depressed and I do not know what to do to make it happy. I’m thinking a trim will make it smile a little.


 This is what it looked like right after I took it down but it has poofed out a lot while typing. But I still like it.

Pros: It is natural, doesn’t leave your hair feeling crunchy, doesn’t flake, and has a slight hold, you can add your own oils and scents that work for you.

Cons: the hold may not be enough for you, feels like slime (better if you put it in a squeeze bottle), NOT like Eco Styler (A con for some)

I will make another batch soon. This conversation isn’t over lol! I just need to pick up some things to make it a little better and I think I will get some aloe gel and to see if that changes things. I do recommend you try this for yourselves it may work wonders for your hair type. You don’t know till you try.  I’ll be back with more on this. It’s all trial and error.

A funny thing happened….

Ok my friend called me and said she was getting dressed for church and had trouble with her flax seed gel. She put her gel in a squeeze bottle (which is best).  Then when she squeezed the gel in her hand,  as she lifted her arms up to apply the gel to her hair the gel slid off of her hand off of  her hair and ended up down her shirt. I am sharing this to help you understand the consistency. When I say it’s slimy it is the truth lol! I forgot to mention that my gel ended up on the floor and the sink as well due to the slipping and sliding. I also did not put the gel in a squeeze bottle so I was scooping. Save yourself use a squeeze bottle. Trial and error!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. missgreyshus
    Nov 05, 2012 @ 08:33:16

    I think it’s cool. I got curls too, but I am not sure if we have that gel in the Philippines. Would love to try it on my hair. 😉


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