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I  think it’s important to share helpful information with people if you know it can benefit them in a great way. A lot of times women don’t like to share their secrets and usually it’s not that much of a secret. Some women like to be the belle of every ball and even if they see you need a little sprousing up or something that can be fixed with their help they will turn the other way. All they care about is how great you make them look by you looking like a damn fool. They will be the first ones to ask you about your regimen when you do finally figure it out though (trust me). I also must say I like how things are changing because now women are more comfortable sharing their beauty tips and secrets. You can walk up to a lady and say I love your hair what did you use?  She just might tell you jojoba oil, ecostyler and whatever else she’s using and how she got her look. So I like where things are going with us. This is why I reblog and reference people as much as possible. Anyway I’ll share with you some things I have found helpful to me. Some of you may already know and that’s great too. Even if they weren’t helpful to me maybe they will help you.


A couple natural Hair Sites I like

http://www.nappturality.com This was the first natural site I found out about 5 or 6 years ago


Favorite Product Reviews

 This is the first YouTube channel I went to for product reviews and it’s still my go to channel. (Thanks Palasea) Follow this link

The person I learned the most about Shea butter was Maryanne and this is her product line. Body Butter Lady


This is the site I adore the most for natural products and Anita is a really cool down-to-earth kinda gal


If someone needs a natural soap this is a great place to go.  100% natural and AhhhhMZING!


An amazing friend of mine who is starting to do reviews and sharing her product and hair knowledge

Click here for her page


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  2. nappyheadchronicles
    Nov 16, 2012 @ 17:10:40

    i agree 100% that we need to share what we know. it’s the whole reason i started blogging myself. i wanted to reach out to anyone who either knows more than me, knows less than me, or just cares what i have to say.

    some of my favorite youtubers are taren916, naptural85 (she just had a baby girl yesterday!), 160days2lose2, and toyabootresses.

    in the blog world, i read blackgirllonghair, curlynikki, and threenaturals, among others.


    • vinegarandwater
      Nov 16, 2012 @ 19:21:41

      Wow I just started watching Naptural85’s channel but that’s great I know she is full of love anf joy right now. Thanks for sharing the other channels with me. I have a lot to watch now.


  3. Life and Shifting Seasons
    Nov 16, 2012 @ 03:07:31

    YouTube videos on natural hair are THE BEST!! I would stay on there for hours for information on product reviews, styles & basic education on washing natural hair. Mohagany Curls, Napptural85 & KimmayTube are great ones to check out on YouTube.


    • vinegarandwater
      Nov 16, 2012 @ 03:21:07

      Yes me too. I would sir on there for hours just clicking around and the information I got about haair and skn was amazing. I just started watching Napptural85 she’s goood and thanks for the others. I will check them out too.


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