He thinks we are beautiful…

I’ve dedicated this blog to beauty and skincare for women but sometimes I feel my blog needs a man’s perspective on natural beauty. Just to even things out a little lol! This is one of my favorite songs by musiq Soulchild. So enjoy his song So Beautiful


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  1. Naturally Stellar
    Dec 10, 2012 @ 13:48:53

    This song is in my regular rotation, as a lot of Musiq’s stuff is. He’s a great songwriter. My hubby dedicates it to me often. He tells me, “You know I can’t sing, but this is exactly how I feel about you.” He loves my Afro and often compliments me on my “shape”. When I’m feeling low about myself, as a lot of women do at times, he reassures me that I’d look good even if I was wearing a plastic bag 😀 We’d like to think that we don’t need affirmations about our looks but it always is good to know that the person you love sees you in a much better light than we see ourselves.


    • vinegarandwater
      Dec 10, 2012 @ 17:48:59

      Aaaw that’s so sweet. My Boyfriend dedicated this song to me a year ago. He had no idea it was one of my favorite songs. It was my ringtone for a long time when it first came out. And at least your hubby won’t try to sing it. My BF will try to hit all the high notes swearing he has “vocals” I have to listen to him squeal. Lol! And yes you are so right. it’s good to know love is out there.


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