Hot Towel for Cleansing


I used to go to a spa for my skin ailments but stopped because it was doing more harm than good but not all of their techniques were bad. One of the good things that I completely forgot about that was actually very soothing and very good for cleansing was the hot towel. The combination of the hot towel and the moisture was a very relaxing feeling. I mean you could almost fall asleep. I also read that the ancient Greeks and Romans used steam for health and beauty as well (I don’t know how true that is but anything is possible). Spas are extremely expensive and you really don’t need one if you know a few tricks and can set up a relaxing environment. You should do this facial steam after you cleanse and or do a face scrub. Facial steaming is used to help control and or reduce acne breakouts.. It can also boost circulation and draw blood to the surface of the skin. It helps you achieve that sexy glow.

You will need hot water, a bowl and a towel

You heat the water to wear it’s hot but not boiling. (Please don’t boil the water)

Pour the water in the bowl and soak the towel in the water for a few minutes and then ring it out until most of the water is gone from the towel.

Place the steam towel over your face and enjoy the steam for a good 10 minutes.


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