I’d Rather Go Naked?


I have been trying to see how I was going to do a post and natural beauty on this blog for a while and this is the post I have decided to go with. I think that people should love themselves naked. There are so many of us who are uncomfortable in our own skin and cannot look at ourselves naked and that is a problem. We should understand that our bodies are unique and beautiful how the creator made it and those who understand that are really in tune with themselves. You should not be ashamed or embarrassed by your body and if there are any health concerns go see a doctor. But for this post I am asking the question why is nudity trending right now? What is going on with us that so many people are so comfy going there?

So there are plenty of celebrities who are going naked for different reasons. Recently Radio Host and TV Personality, Wendy Williams went nude for PETA’s Id Rather Go Naked Campaign. Rihanna is always naked or topless in the media. She was pictured on magazine covers nude, she is topless on her latest album cover and most recently she tweeted pics of herself bottomless. Singer, Ciara went naked in a magazine and more than enough celebrities have gone naked while pregnant like Singer, Britney Spears, Actress, Tia Mowry and a bunch of others that I don’t recall at the moment. Some men in the limelight have gone nude on magazine covers as well. Chad Ochocinco, Amre Stoudemire, Tim Tibo and Chris Brown has had leaked pics of himself in the raw before as well. So many celebrities have been seen naked in the media. Now some of the people I mentioned went naked for PETA’s no fur campaign that gets celebrities to say in front of the world that they rather go naked than take the fur from an animal. I think it’s cool that they want to take a stand but why get naked for the world to see? I am ALL for being comfortable in your own skin but why do some people feel the need to go naked all the time? I agree that nude is as natural as you can get well if you haven’t had a nip and a tick here and there it can be the most natural state and I know a people both male and female that are completely comfortable prancing around in the nude. The guys are usually the ones that want to strut their stuff. So what’s the deal? Is it freeing? Is it so provocative that people just feel the need to do it? Are people trying to prove a point? Or are we just in a time where people just don’t give a damn? By all means be comfortable in your own skin and run free naked if you like I’m just asking why is this a trend?

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  2. Yomi
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 19:14:50

    Haha.. I loved this. Hilarious. And yes, why do people feel the need to be naked all the time. Aren’t clothes supposed to be a luxury?


  3. naturalian
    Dec 11, 2012 @ 11:04:58

    Hope you don’t mind I liked this so much I’ve reblogged on my naturalian.blogspot.com page!


  4. naturalian
    Dec 11, 2012 @ 10:57:21

    Oh yes! I think natural nudity is becoming more acceptable witness the 1000’s that go naked in the World Naked Bike rides in cities here in UK and across the world and the fact that I regularly walk naked in our lovely countryside and have only had 1 negative reaction from other walkers! I’m naked at home as I write this and will stay so all day!


    • vinegarandwater
      Dec 11, 2012 @ 17:39:43

      O wow! Well in the U.S. we are a lot more covered up. The fact that you get to walk around naked all the time in public says a lot about the different worlds we live in. Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Billy Moses
    Dec 11, 2012 @ 09:01:43

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  7. Garry
    Dec 11, 2012 @ 02:55:47

    I have been a.nudist all my life I am 59 years young I think it is asign of the times and people are just opening up. Not in Oklahoma tho


    • vinegarandwater
      Dec 11, 2012 @ 03:23:19

      This is so interesting to me because when I wrote this post I never thought I would get responses from nudist but I welcome it all because it expands my ideas. Where I live you can get a ticket for indecent exposure and there is no nude beach. I have researched before just out of curiosity. Now I understand being nude in an area that permits it and everyone is open to but not everyone is comfortable with that. I remember when singer/songwriter Erykah Badu, did her video for Window Seat people were up in arms. She went nude in the same place that Kennedy was shot as a way of saying that if you strip yourself and would show the world who you really were that society would erase you. Being nude in private one things but posting yourself across billboards is another. I guess I can see things from a nudist perspective and the prude’s perspective. Thanks for responding Garry!


  8. vinegarandwater
    Dec 11, 2012 @ 02:36:07

    So I guess this little quote answer s my question. Well the whole blog was the answer to my questions. Thanks to homeclothesfree I am a little more informed. But for some reason I don’t think that the media is pushing the same beliefs but I could be very wrong. But I totally understand where homeclothesfree is coming from.

    For some people, nakedness signifies liberation, a joyful un-neurotic sexuality; for others, it stands for a licentiousness which threatens traditional moral standards. Both of these seemingly contradictory attitudes rest on a common assumption — that the exposed body is emotionally charged and potentially subversive” (Margaret Walters)

    Via http://www.figleafforum.com


  9. homeclothesfree
    Dec 11, 2012 @ 01:57:53

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