I was talking to a hair stylist that went to beauty school about co-washing or no-pooing and she thought it was crazy. I know when I first heard about it I didn’t really understand. Once you find a good conditioner that works for your hair you quickly understand the benefits. So I had to reblog from someone who knows better than me since I’m new to it the co-washing thing.

Collegiate Curly

It’s hard keeping natural hair looking fresh. I’ve always wanted that just washed hair look, but i’ve finally accepted the fact that my hair will not stay that tame and i’ve embraced it. However, to keep it looking its best I was always tempted to just shampoo and condition it everyday. That was before I learned about co-washing with cleansing conditioners. Now I rarely use shampoo, because it leaves my hair feeling dry and stripped of natural nutrients. Now you must be thinking that not using shampoo is gross, well its not really, the cleansing conditioners are just as great at making my hair clean and fresh.


-Keeps hair feeling Soft.

-Hydrates hair, leaving your hair’s natural oils that the suds and foam from shampoo takes away.

-Detangles hair, leaving it very manageable to style. (since i’ve started cowashing, i rarely use a comb or brush, finger…

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