Aloe Vera: A word of caution

I Love Biobloom! and I did a post on Aloe a few days ago that did not talk about the side effect, I thought a reblog from a site that did address that issue was a good idea. Thanks Biobloom!


aloe vera caution

Side Effects of Aloe Vera: A word of caution

While the health & cosmetics benefits of Aloe Vera appear to be in plenty, aloe vera can also have side effects and hence some discretion and caution must be observed while using it at home.

Firstand foremost you must know that scientific evidence for the cosmetic and therapeutic effectiveness of Aloe Vera is limited and when present is frequently contradictory. At high doses, Aloe Vera can have toxic effects too. Episodes of phototoxicity have been reported when used topically on skin.

Having said that it is known to have been used for many of the above mentioned used for over 6000 years.

Moreover, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has now approved Aloe Vera as a natural food flavoring agent which is promising.

Lastly, the topical skin use of Aloe Vera is not associated with significant side effects.

Hence, we feel…

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