The Ugly Truth About Chemicals In Beauty Products

This speaks for itself. I HAD to reblog. It also reminds me that I should do a post on natural deoderant.

Wicked Type


THIS. So powerful. I’m a buzzkill, I know. I love beauty products, makeup, glam, glitz, and flash. Happiness is Birchbox…the Nordstrom or Saks makeup counters…even (especially?) wandering the beauty aisles at Target with a Starbucks in hand and nowhere to be.

And man, I love Sephora, I do. I go in a plain Jane and walk out, hours later, resembling an overly perfumed clown with cheeks streaked with puffy pink and burnt orange, eyes shaded with turquoise and purple, lips a multi-hued, blended pinkish-red. I can’t resist experimenting in there, it’s the most fun.

Shared on HoneyColony’s website, the title of the photo is “515 Synthetic Chemicals Women Put In Their Bodies Every Day” — and boy does it speak the truth!

As with anything, I like to think it’s the cumulative day-to-day effects of heavy chemicals seeping into the skin that is most worrisome. In the past few years…

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