The Liebster Award!


I’m new to blogging and WordPress. This blog started out a couple of months ago as an assignment for a class that I am now enrolled in. I have always wanted to start a blog and I was advised by too many to start one but I never did. I was even hounded by a mentor to start one for a year but I never did. So I laughed when I read the syllabus of this class that required me to keep up a blog.  I have to say I have enjoyed blogging and the many blogs and bloggers on WordPress. I have over blogged the amount I was supposed to and I will continue blogging after this class is over. The bloggers on here have been so helpful honest and sweet and I am so happy to be nominated for the Liebster award. I am also happy so that I can nominate the bloggers that I have enjoyed sharing back and forth with.  Thank you to I really appreciate it.

Here are the rules: The person nominated must answer the 5 questions given by the person who nominated them AND tell 5 random facts about you. Then, nominate 5 blogs with fewer than 200 followers then make sure to tell them you nominated them. Ask the people you nominate 5 questions of your own. Optional: proudly display the Liebster blog award icon on you blog! You Can’t nominate the person that nominated you.

Questions for me:

1. If you were stuck on a desert island, what one make up product would you want with you? I don’t really wear makeup but you can never go wrong with just a basic clear gloss especially if you’re stranded.

2. What is your favorite skin care brand (drugstore or high-end) and why? I stopped buying skin care from drugstores but I guess I would Have to say Burt Bees

3. Do you prefer your eye shadow bold or neutral? I’m usually all for neutral but I love the bold colors as well. I’m not a makeup girl but the makeup these days really makes me want to try the colors the next time I get spruced up. (New Years Maybe)

4. What is your favorite lipstick shade? Right now it’s red. I’m thinking of a bright red for New Years Eve.

5. If you could only use one make up brand, what would it be? I don’t wear makeup but I always wanted to try Bare Minerals.

Random facts about me

New Years is my absolute favorite holiday and I’m so excited that it’s that time again

I don’t like squash or beets

I want to meet President Obama and have lunch with Michelle Obama for girl talk

I love concerts

I wish to travel to India, China, and Mecca

My Nominees

Natural Hair World

Forever Black Effusion


Curlly Naptress Blog

 Natural Hair Lovers

Questions for my favorite bloggers

If you could have dinner with anyone tonight who would it be?

Who was your celebrity crush in high school?

Who is your style mentor?

If you could spend New Year’s Eve anywhere in the world where would it be?

What was the first song you learned all the words to?

Run Free!