To My First 100


So I got an email that I officially have 100 followers. I was so happy because I wasn’t even thinking this far ahead when I started this blog. This blog was started as an assignment for a course I was taking and although I had been planning to start a blog for xxx amount of years, this is my 1st one. I am not on any other social networks so I didn’t know who would read my post or follow me. I didn’t know very much about WordPress although I had signed up to start a different blog a year before this one was started. Basically I didn’t know very much or what to expect. I had an idea and I ran with it. I enjoy communicating with all of you. I love the exchange and some of you really make me laugh on days I feel like shit. To those of you that I communicate with regularly, you guys really keep me writing and thinking of new ways to spin this blog. Sometimes I feel like we are all girlfriends drinking wine talking at a table about hair, skin and whatever else. This blog is a blessing for me because it has forced me to write on a consistent basis (I had stopped writing), become mindful of the way content and images are presented to you and it has allowed me to get involved in a positive online community (I am ANTI! social networks). So to my first 100 followers Thank You for reading, following, sharing and exchanging. I really appreciate it.




DIY Waxing

Waxing can be expensive especially if you are getting the whole shebang from head to toe. I know some people like to wax at home and some of us wouldn’t dare do such a thing out of fear. The OTC wax kits take a lot of trial and error and often times they just don’t work. I found a video for a DIY wax kit. I like that there are so many things that we can do ourselves but sometimes I think there is a reason for professionals and this is one of those times. Waxing is painful and scary and if you do not know what you are doing it can be a little dangerous. But for arms and legs I think DIY waxing is ok, it’s the more sensitive areas that I am not sure about. But for you dare devils out there here is a video I found for a DIY wax kit. Please be careful with this.

Homemade Foot Soak

Foot Soak


I was thinking about something relaxing for all of the busy bees out there. When I am on the run all day and finally get to sit down, I love a good foot soak. I just dump things in my water without any real measurements so I had to look up some measurements just for those who need it. The water temperature is at personal preference.  Use 2 to 3 tablespoons per gallon of water used.



1 part Epsom salts
1 part Baking soda
drops of choice EO (optional)

Chamomile Tea

4 bags chamomile tea or mint tea
1/8 cup dried parsley
4 drops EO of choice

Steep in 1 gallon of hot water for 10 minutes before using.

Info modified from here

Yogurt Face Mask

I have heard for a very long time that yogurt made a good face mask. I have tried oatmeal, egg, honey but I have yet to try yogurt as a mask. So I searched around for a recipe I was more likely to use. Now I remember watching Doctor Oz a few years ago and he said yogurt and lemon was a great combination for acne prone skin. I found a recipe that was basic and allowed you to add ingredients based on your needs.

Yogurt Face Mask

Organic yogurt – Organic yogurt is very effective for the skin and face. The organic yogurt contains live cultures and more active ingredients than non-organic yogurt and is free of pesticides and other chemicals that may irritate your skin.

Benefits of the Yogurt Face Mask

The yogurt provides several benefits to your skin and saves you from the skin and face problems.

Yogurts include some antibacterial properties which makes it very useful degerming cleansers.

Yogurt’s lactic acid ingredient relieves the irritating problems, makes clear the pores and softens your skin.

Optional Ingredients for Face Mask

If you are suffering from dryness and flaky face then add one spoon of honey and two spoons of grated carrots to the Yogurt. Mix all these ingredients in the mixer or by hand before applying to your face.

If your skin is particularly dull or dry then mix two tablespoons of lemon juice to your yogurt face mask. The lemon is very helpful to get rid of the dead skin and clarifies the pores of skin.

All information was modified from here

Organic & Full of Glam


I know some women are extreme green and raw and then there are those of us who feel like being natural doesn’t mean you can’t be glamorous. It’s true you can be natural and still glam it up sometimes. There are a lot of things in our makeup that can cause allergic reactions such as the artificial colors, preservatives, fragrances, and petroleum byproducts. So I decided to search around for organic make-up brands. Some of the brands below use Color organic make-up that is made using only natural plant extracts and pure minerals. They contain no synthetic chemicals and will keep you fab and allergy free unless you are allergy free! Hopefully…

Organic Make-up

Vegan Make-up

Mayonnaise Hair Treatment


I will say this conditioner is not something I like to do  but I know that mayo is great as a conditioner for hair. I remember trying this a long time ago when my hair was dry and desperate and I couldn’t stand the smell and took forever to remove the smell. BUT I hear it does amazing things so I’m sharing.

After washing your hair, apply a good amount of mayonnaise to your hair. Rub it through your hair like you would a conditioner. The amount that you are going to use really depends on the length and thickness of your hair. After you have applied the mayo all through your hair with either a towel or shower cap so that the mayonnaise can penetrate the hair follicles. You leave the Mayo on your hair for about 30 mins or so but you can leave it in for as long as you can tolerate the smell in a day. Lastly you can shampoo or just rinse it our thoroughly (for those who no longer use shampoo) but I really think some kind of shampoo is best for getting this mixture out. If I’m wrong about that let me know.

Now this is a very basic Mayo treatment because mayo has been known to do great things by itself; but people also mix olive oil with their mayo hair conditioning treatment. I have also found egg, mayo and olive oil mixture as a great hair treatment. But I think that it may ne unnecessary to add egg and olive oil because Mayo is made from egg and oils and there is even a Mayo with olive oil in it but I’m no expert so if you know something I don’t et me know. I just can’t get past the smell of it on my hair.

This treatment is said to help with breakage, split ends and dry dull hair. Your hair should feel soft and shiny after this treatment. Let me know how it works.

I won’t even ask for snow..

I adore Mariah Carey! She has always been MY number one diva forever and for always. So instead of posting the classic “All I want for Christmas,” I decided to post this modern twist that she performed on Jimmy Falon a couple weeks ago. I thought was super cute plus it includes my favorite group The Roots so it’s perfect. Out of all the holiday songs I chose this one because well it was the first one that came to mind. Christmas was never a big Holiday in my house but I do enjoy the Holiday season because I always get tosee my friends and fam that I don’t get to see often. I could ask for a world of things (material) but I only wanted one thing (non material) and I got it so I’m good! 🙂 I hope you all have everything that you want for the holidays.

Happy Holidays

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