He thinks we are beautiful…

I’ve dedicated this blog to beauty and skincare for women but sometimes I feel my blog needs a man’s perspective on natural beauty. Just to even things out a little lol! This is one of my favorite songs by musiq Soulchild. So enjoy his song So Beautiful


I Have A Song For Everything

Sometimes I like to post songs that are uplifting and freeing or just songs that we can identify with as women. Songs that talk about our flaws like Elle Varner’s “So Fly” or just being an everyday girl in a Hollywood world like India’s song “Video.” I fell in love with this song by Alicia Keys instantly because it speaks to the feeling you have when you are coming into becoming your own woman.  I’m posting this for you because a lot of people are transitioning whether it’s their hair, new job, graduating from college or stepping into a new phase in their life as a new wife or mom. And can relate.

So enjoy Alicia Keys-Brand New Me

And to the rest … Don’t be mad we found a brand new kind of free 🙂