Formaldehyde Free Nail Polish (A Revisit)

I am revisiting this topic because I don’t think its right for me to give you bad news about your beauty products without giving some alternatives. The problem with formaldehyde in nail polish is that it can be absorbed through the nails and it is a chemical that causes CANCER. So just now I went online to find nail polish that doesn’t have the harmful chemical formaldehyde in it and I did find some. Now to be honest I can’t be 100% that this is true but I’m hoping I’m not passing down false information. I also hope that they wouldn’t hoodwink us knowing that cancer is a big problem in the world right now but then again it wouldn’t be much of a surprise. So I am hoping that this information is accurate. I do know that there is formaldehyde free nail polish but I’m not quite sure that these big brands don’t but they say they ar so i’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt. This website says that Nicole Nail Lacquer-The Kardashian Kollection, Hard As Nails Extreme Wear Nail Color, Orly and Essie are all (Allegedly) formaldehyde free nail polish brands. I even found information that they recommend Nicole by O.P.I. as the best nail polish for pregnant women who still want to polish their nails.

I’m love polish and I use Hard As Nails Extreme Wear Nail Color so I am hoping that this information is true. It would break my little heart lol! It just sounds too good to be true right? Well if I learn better I will share better information but for now I’m gonna throw some cappuccino on my nails!

heres a link to some formaldehyde fee polish