Havana Twist (Take 2)

This is my second time with Havana twist. The first time I really only kept them in for a week or two. I liked them but I only liked them in a ponytail. This time I made my sections smaller and my twist fuller. I really like the way they came out but now it’s so full I can’t put them in a bun. So I’m thinking the next time I will make them smaller with three strands and smaller sections. I have a lot of hair so when I usually get my hair braided it’s a lot of braids so I guess I shouldn’t expect anything less with the twist. I had a hard time sleeping with my hair in a silk bonnet and I don’t want the hair on my neck so I will have to find another way tonight. I really like them this time around though. I love that the hair is reusable!  The first time I only used 2 packs, this time I used 4. I hear your supposed to use 7 but that seems heavy or maybe I’m missing something idk.