It’s All Been Done Before But Should We Still Be Doing It??

Old Crisco

A lot of women are using Crisco in their hair. Yes Crisco. When I first heard this I thought it was a little weird but I do remember hearing about Crisco being used outside of cooking. So it’s not really a new thing but it is trending right now. I was confused at first because I thought people stopped using Crisco. It was never in my house growing up and I was told by an older friend of mine that when it first came on the market it was made with lard. I couldn’t find anything that said Crisco had lard in it but I do know the formula has changed over the years. Some people are not completely sold on using Crisco in their hair and I’m not either but as I learn I am willing to at least experiment.
I have watched a few videos on Crisco for hair and I am a little hesitant about is some of the mixtures that I have found. We have to be careful when mixing because UNLESS we are chemist we don’t really know the chemistry of some of the ingredients we are mixing. Sometimes I think we know that we have had worse things like alcohol and mineral oil in over the counter products so we are ok with mixing “natural” or what appears to be natural ingredients. Sometimes I am concerned about the “natural’ things that some of us are mixing. Women are using Crisco to flat-iron their hair and that I can see the reason and benefits of. I think it’s better to coat the hair while flat ironing to prevent heat damage the way we used to in the 90’s. I’m not saying use that old school red styling wax but I’m pretty sure it was always better to coat the hair. Hair burns at 451 degrees and most flat irons go to 450. Be very careful with heat styling. Coat your hair; you will regret it later if you don’t.

Women are also using Crisco as a curling cream. I love curling creams but the OTC products are full of unnecessary ingredients and some are expensive. So this sways me towards trying Crisco even more. I have seen a couple of YouTube videos where “napturals” mixed Crisco, hair gel, olive oil and conditioner (that you would normally wash out) and whipped it in a blender, to use as a butter cream for twist and braid outs. That particular mixture confuses me because I don’t understand why oils need to be mixed with something that is made of vegetable oils. Crisco is very greasy. I also don’t understand why a conditioner that you would normally wash out needs to be in a mixture you plan to leave in. I’m not knocking these recipes because the women who use them say it’s the best these are just things that I am confused by. Of course you do things to fit your hair type. I did find a recipe on a website that I thought was pretty good and worth trying.

I believe this recipe came from a lady name Meisha who wrote to natreview but I like this recipe because it doesn’t have a lot of extra ingredients in it.

Nat Review

DIY Curling Cream
While styling gels are fine and have their purpose, I have found myself leaning more toward creamier stylers. For a while I was using only conditioner for my wash and gos. Conditioner works fine and leaves my hair feeling soft, however it isn’t something that left me with lasting results. After a day or two I would need to restyle my hair or risk it tangling. This curling cream gives my hair a soft hold that lasts for a few days and helps keep moisture in my hair. Here is the recipe:

1. 3/4 cup aloe vera gel
2. 1/4 cup crisco
3. 2 tbsps grapeseed oil
4. 1 tbsp castor oil

Using a hand mixer is best for thorough whipping and a smooth consistency.

*For an extra moisturizing boost, you can add 1/4 cup of a moisturizing conditioner.

This cream isn’t just for wash and gos. It also works well for twist outs and braid outs. Right now this is my go to styler. Hopefully someone else can find it useful too!

Now the newly natural website has answered so many of my questions. It list ingredients it answers the questions like will my hair smell like fried chicken? So if you have any concerns about using Crisco this website should help you understand what it does for naptural hair.


You Live And You Learn

I feel like I have been talking about hair a lot lately but I learned something that made me feel so informed. Hiar burns at 451 degrees. Now I remember when i bought my flat-iron a couple of years back and I was looking for the best flat iron that got hottest because I thought that’s what my hair needed.  My hair is stubborn. My flat-Irion goes up to 450 and I would always crank it up to that. In the beginning I thought that it was crazy and unhealthy but after getting used to it and talking to a friend who was equally as ignorant I kept on doing it. I really thought that I needed the highest heat. My friend did too. a Then to reassure ourselves, we started talking about, “Well I’m sure the stove at the shop gets hotter and they know how to do hair so 450 can’t be that bad.” SMH! The ignorance! Now I’m not a stylist and I don’t have patience with hair so I didn’t do it often but once is enough to cause an irreversible problem. So I realized that my hair is “acting up” because I have not flat ironed it in 10 months. New Year’s Eve was the last time for me and it’s because I noticed my hair was burned and every time I touched it the strands would just fall.  I know exactly the problem and yes I do need a trim as well.  You live and you learn. Damn…

On the bright side if you still want to enjoy the ease of strait hair there is a healthier way to do it. There is an Ipak argon oil infused flat-iron that seems much healthier that the regular flat-iron’s in the stores. It has a chamber where there is a heat protectant solution to coat your hair so that it does not burn.  Its’ a about $69.99 which is a lot cheaper than most irons as well. This flat-Irion has vents that infuse the heat protectant solution onto your hair as you straiten it. It also has a heat control and steam options.  I wish I knew all of this growing up.  Damn…

Here where you can get the iron,default,pd.html

Here is where you can see how to safely flat-iron your hair


Coffee Facial Mask for Clear Skin

–3 tablespoons of used finely ground coffee
–A Small Glass of Milk
–Add the used finely ground coffee into a bowl. Stir in milk until it achieves a think texture. Mix the ingredients till well blended. Try not to make the paste too diluted or it’ll be runny and it’s gonna be messy during application. If mixture becomes too runny, simply add a little more coffee into it.
–When ready, apply the paste onto your face and neck and smooth it out all over your face. Avoid eyes and lips.
–Slowly massage the mixture to your skin and relax for 20 mins.
–While washing off the mask, slowly massage the paste to your skin. It acts further as an exfoliator. Don’t massage too hard if you have sensitive skin
–Pat dry face and apply moisturizer while skin is still damp to seal…

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