I was browsing and I came across this post and I thought it was great and as usual I had to reblog. Now a lot of us get deodorant and antiperspirant confused especially if we don’t have an odor problem or a major sweat problem. There are some of us out there that has both or just one of the two issues. This is specifically a deodorant.

Inspirations and Explorations

So, I decided years ago that I was going to cut unnecessary chemicals out of my household and beauty/body cleansing routines.  I won’t go into too much detail, but the safety of aluminum in deodorant has been questioned and most chemicals are not fully tested for their chronic exposure effects. We are inundated with so many potentially harmful chemicals nowadays; I like to keep it natural where I can.  Finding natural shampoos, soaps, dish-washing detergent was easy when I shopped in the right place.  (Whole foods or our natural food coop). But deodorant, was, let’s say… a bit more challenging.

First of all, a lot of the ones that were labeled natural really weren’t, as I would discover while reading the list of ingredients   The deodorants that really were natural didn’t seem to work very well for me.  Roll ons, rock salts, salt sprays, coconut oil, tea tree… tried…

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Natural Teeth Whitening (Update/Healthier)

Sunflower Oil

I was watching the Wendy Williams show and she had a guest on her show, Cynthia Pasquela and she was on the show to talk about celebrity diets. I didn’t really care about the diet information but she really had great tips about teeth whitening. I loved her advice because it was much healthier than the baking soda advice that I had posted earlier. Cynthia said that there is an ancient Ayurvedic teeth whitening remedy. So to get whiter teeth you take a table spoon of oil and you swish it around in you mouth for about 10 to 15 mins and spit it out. The oil pulls the toxins from your mouth and helps with plaque and overall gum health. I’m glad i found this information to share in a quick post. The last post was a good one and something that a few followers said was tried and true. I was hesitant when I first posted it just because if it isn’t done right you can erode your enamel and I was worried about putting that information out there so this one is much better and healthier. Thanks to all of the people who shared their tooth whitening secrets in the last post.