Suga water for setting make-up

Ok maybe not sugar water but a glycerin and water. Same thing right? I am not a big make-up girl BUT I do know a little. Setting spray helps to keep make-up on your face and off of your clothes or your significant other during snuggle time. Setting spray can be EXPENSIVE.  MAC cosmetics sells their setting spray for US$21.00 and Urban Decay retails their version for about US$29.00.

So for a cheaper DIY version you will need:

SMALL spray Bottle



Mix 1 part Glycerin with 3 parts water in your spray bottle and mix it up for a fresh batch of setting spray. This should be made in small amounts I would say for those people who wear make-up daily. Make enough for about 7 days in a small spray bottle.


There’s Formaldehyde In My What??

Just the word formaldehyde gives me the creeps. It just sounds like something deadly and ironically it’s a fluid that’s used to embalm bodies for open casket funerals. Believe it or not formaldehyde is in A LOT of things that we use on a daily basis and I am learning about new products almost every month that has this chemical in it. Just in case you do not know and I looked it up just to make sure I was passing along the right info, Formaldehyde is a preservation fluid that replaces the blood so that your loved one looks a little more real for the big send off.  I also found out that it is known to cause cancer and no one wants the big C so let’s be more mindful of the things we put in and on our bodies You can find formaldehyde under different names such as diazolidinyl urea, imidazolidinyl urea, 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol (most commonly known as bronopol), and sodium hydroxylmethylglycinate.

I found that you can get great deal of contact with this chemical from just getting ready for a girls night out. Lotions, nail polish, nail polish removers, hair products (Brazilian Blow Out) and it is even on some fabrics of clothing. So let’s be aware of these things and this is the purpose of this blog to educate on why natural is better for US. I have said it over and over, I am not 100% natural but as I learn better I can do and share better. I have a nice collection of nailpolish so Im not happy about what I have found out but hey I rather know the truth.  We shouldn’t have to suffer the pain of cancer all over the wrong bottle of nail polish and lotion. I know we like to be fab and we like our products but you can still be gorgeous and healthy!

Some of us are more sensitive than others so I found a list of reactions to exposure to formaldehyde so if you feel any of things after using certain products maybe you should check the label.

Breathing formaldehyde may cause:

  • burning stinging or itching sensations
  • a sore throat
  • teary eyes
  • blocked sinuses
  • runny nose
  • Sneezing.

For more info on this visit these websites that I have gathered my information from. I focussed on beauty products just to stay on topic of my blog but this stuff can be found all over your house so check your labels!